3 Seconds of pleasure

Uitvoering: Paperback
Taal: Engels
Afmetingen: 140x210x10
Verschijningsdatum: Onbekend
EAN: 9780571221226
Divers / Overig
(Tijdelijk) uitverkocht


A provocative collection of short fiction by award-winning writer, director and playwright Neil LaBute, whose work 'continues to probe the fascinating dark side of individualism' (New Yorker). In this, his début prose collection, he once more exhibits his compelling take on the shadowy terrain of the human heart. Seductive and disturbing, the stories in Seconds of Pleasure are not for the faint of heart. Each potent and pithy tale finds men and women exploiting - or at the mercy of - the hidden fault lines that separate them. In 'Time Share', a woman leaves her family at their vacation home after discovering her husband in a compromising situation; in 'Open All Night', a generous dancer rescues a man stranded in the parking lot of a strip club; in 'Boo-Boo', a middle-aged man obsesses over a scab on the calf of a pretty young girl; and in 'Soft Target', a vain Hollywood actor gets his come-uppance. Infused with LaBute's trademark pitch-black humour, these stories vivisect human relations in a way that is at once intimate, brutal, and unsettlingly familiar.