Insatiable spiderman

Taal: Engels
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Afmetingen: 280x390x40
Verschijningsdatum: Onbekend
EAN: 9780571221615
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Dirty Havana Trilogy was hugely acclaimed for its honest depiction of a Cuban capital characterised by sleaze, sex, poverty and hedonism. In The Insatiable Spiderman we see the return of its anti-hero, who is again prowling the streets of Havana. Pedro Juan's relationship with his wife is in terminal decline. He can no longer face kissing her on the mouth and the trappings of domestic bliss hold no charms for this most restless and predatory of men. Our narrator's interests lie elsewhere: in the infinite possibilities of a chaotic Caribbean city and the many chancers, artists and prostitutes who roam the streets in search of fresh experience. In his inimitably uncompromising and exhilarating style, Pedro Juan Gutierrez again takes the reader on a journey into the underbelly of contemporary Havana - a world of easy sex, hard drinking and humorous anecdote that will be all too recognisable to the Gutierrez connoisseur.