Home from the Honeymoon

Uitgeverij: ABRAMS HARRY N.
Uitvoering: Paperback
Taal: Engels
Aantal Pagina's: 256
Afmetingen: 170x200x10
Verschijningsdatum: Onbekend
EAN: 9781584797609
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The honeymoon's over. Now what? Couples who spend months-even years-planning their weddings are often unprepared for the transition to married life. As Sharon Naylor shows, however, the first year of marriage doesn't have to be a gauntlet of conflict and unmet expectations. As Naylor explains in 'Home from the Honeymoon', newlyweds can choose to focus on all the romantic firsts they're enjoying together: setting up their household, celebrating holidays, and savoring their new social life as a married couple. And they can survive-and learn lifelong lessons from-the inevitable battles over matters large (sex, money, meddlesome in-laws) and small (clutter, weekend plans, what color to paint the living room). Because the book is also a journal-with lots of space for jotting down milestones and memories-it will be a keepsake that married couples will relish revisiting throughout all their years together.