Eat Cool

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Vanessa Seder, recipe developer, chef, and working mom, has come to rescue summertime cooks with 100+ dishes you won t hate to cook when it s already hot as blazes. Inspired recipes focus on low- and no-heat techniques, make-ahead dishes served cold or at room temperature, smart seasonal ingredients to keep your body cool, and vibrant pairings of flavours, textures, and colours. Seder draws respectfully upon culinary common sense from across the globe, including Asian, Indian, South American, Mexican, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean influences. Each recipe is designed for the home cook, to reduce labour and cooking time, and to keep kitchens cool and diners sated without sacrificing flavour or texture. Eat Cool includes a family-friendly array of energy-rich breakfasts, wholesome bowls, vibrant salads, satisfying small plates, crowd-pleasing main courses, perfect summertime desserts, hard and soft drinks, and versatile sauces and pantry staples.