Life is a Cabaret

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Taal: Engels
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Given just a month to track down the subjects of his book, before the publisher hits the pulp button on 35 000 copies, writer and actor James Innes-Smith sets out on a desperate journey in search of the unsung heroes of 70s light entertainment. Armed with a collection of faded black and white head-shots, some out-of-date telephone numbers and the threat of a bankruptcy order if he fails, James and his trusty Ford Capri head for the bright lights of Lowestoft for what will be the first of many bizarre encounters. From Blackpool's Golden Mile to the entertainment bars of Torremolinos, join James as he takes to the stage with a monkey-obsessed drag artist, accosts R2-D2 at a Star Wars premiere and learns how not to yodel with a jolly country singer from the Midlands. But with the deadline looming, he still needs to track down the elusive star of his book - a Hawaiian guitar-playing Northern stand-up by the name of Dick Pleasant... Life is a Cabaret is a hilarious tale of one man's quest to celebrate the lives of the uncelebrated. A touching antidote to our celebrity-obsessed times, Life is a Cabaret will take you to the quirky heart of the entertainment industry.