In search of the Tiger

Taal: Engels
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Afmetingen: 280x390x40
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EAN: 9780091895419
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Ian Stafford has tried his hand at most sports. And what's more, for his two previous books In Your Dreams and Playground of the Gods, he's played them with the world's finest sports men. From Steve Redgrave to Eddie Irvine, wrestler Pat Roach to the Wigan Warriors, Kenyan athletes to Australian cricketers, Ian has suffered humiliation, pain and a little bit of triumph with the best of them. He thought he'd seen it all...Until he tried golf. Nothing could have prepared him for the sheer humiliation, frustration and exhilaration of the world's most popular game. Never would he have believed the obsession it generated, the passions it inflamed and the madmen that could be found on the green. But, Ian being Ian, it wasn't enough to just learn how to play the game. He decided he wanted to meet Tiger Woods - the greatest legend of them all. So with the help of stars, coaches and amateurs alike - from Bill (Clinton), Colin (Montgomery) and Nick (Faldo) to his local cab driver - he travels the world in search of Tiger and in the hope of improving his game. At long last, a golfing adventure with a sense of humour.