Eva Luna

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Uitgeverij: Penguin Group
Uitvoering: Paperback
Taal: Engels
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Aantal Pagina's: 304
Afmetingen: 110x180x21
Verschijningsdatum: April 2011
EAN: 9780241951651
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Tells the story of an orphan who beguiles the world with her astonishing visions, triumphing over the worst of adversity and bringing light to a dark place. The author:
Born in Peru, Isabel Allende was raised in Chile. 'she is the author of the novels Portrait in 'sepia, Daughter of Fortune, The Infinite Plan, Eva Luna, Of Love and 'shadows, and The House of the 'spirits, the short story collection The 'stories of Eva Luna, the memoir Paula, and Aphrodite :A Memoir of the 'senses. 'she lives in California.