Calligraphy & lettering

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Uitgeverij: Thames & Hudson
Uitvoering: Paperback
Taal: Engels
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Verschijningsdatum: April 2019
EAN: 9780500294307
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Aimed at anyone wanting to learn more about the increasingly popular art of calligraphy and lettering, this practical introduction showcases many fine examples in the V&A’s collection, and will give readers a new understanding and appreciation of letterforms. Four core sample alphabets are included alongside projects ranging from simple invitations, envelopes and menus to a fabric banner, monogram rubber stamp, embossed gift tag, gilded lettering and a stencilled Gothic sign. The simplest of letterforms featured is the Roman Imperial Capital, with its emphasis on proportion and geometry. More flowing or ornate styles include Book Hand, Gothic and Italic scripts, as well as the looser style that has come to be known as ‘modern calligraphy’. Moving on from nib and ink, in Chinese and Japanese calligraphy characters are painted with a brush by highly skilled and respected artists. The perfect respite from screen and keyboard, calligraphy and lettering are relaxing, meditative and hugely rewarding pursuits. With a bit of practice, it is possible for anyone to elevate their message, whatever that might be, into an artwork to adorn a sign, menu, card or invitation.