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Uitgeverij: Harvest House Publishers,U.S.
Uitvoering: Paperback
Taal: Engels
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Aantal Pagina's: 208
Afmetingen: 140x210x30
Verschijningsdatum: April 2021
EAN: 9780736984102
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In a time of global upheaval and uncertainty, uncover God's prophetic plan for the ages-and your place in it Living in this era of pandemics, economic chaos, natural disasters, and political strife, you may feel tempted to question whether God is in control. Yet when you look to the Bible, you'll find these events actually signal that His promises will soon be fulfilled. In Aftershocks, bestselling author Jeff Kinley reveals how current societal and global trends foreshadow the nearness of the end times-and how the prophecies about what is to come should renew your passion to lovingly proclaim Christ to a suffering world. This book will supply you with critical intel concerning how your life will likely change in the years ahead provide you with biblical wisdom that enables you to respond to current events with confidence and grace reveal how recent cultural convulsions on this restless planet play into heaven's plan for earth Aftershocks unveils the raw reality of these last days while inspiring you to live with hope-a hope that vaccinates you against the ignorance, naivety, and anxiety that plague our world today.