Charles Zana

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Taal: Engels
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Verschijningsdatum: Oktober 2018
EAN: 9780847860432
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Named by Architectural Digest as a "talent to not be missed", Charles Zana has had a distinguished twenty-year-long career that has brought him to London, Gstaad, Tel Aviv, Monaco, and more to design spaces imbued with his signature modern-meets-timeless aesthetic. By merging thoughtfully placed pops of colour, curated furnishings and art, and luxurious yet liveable touches, the Paris-based interior architect creates unique spaces celebrated for their striking structure and rich visual poetry. In this debut monograph, Zana beautifully showcases his work within the residential and commercial spheres, including villas boasting clean lines and light-filled spaces; avant-garde Parisian apartments; and showrooms defined by an effortless blend of traditional details within an edgy, industrial space. Sumptuously illustrated with two hundred colour photographs that truly capture Zana's cultivated style, this volume is an essential addition to any library of interior design.