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Uitgeverij: Milo Books
Uitvoering: Paperback
Taal: Engels
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Afmetingen: 140x210x24
Verschijningsdatum: Januari 2001
EAN: 9780953084777
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"Curtis Warren is an underworld legend, the Liverpool scally who took the methods of the street-corner drug pusher and elevated them to an art form. He forged direct links with the cocaine cartels of Colombia, the heroin godfathers of Turkey, the cannabis growers of Morocco and the ecstasy labs of Holland and Eastern Europe. His drugs went around the world, from the clubs of Manchester and Glasgow to the beaches of Sydney, Australia. His underlings called him the ""Cocky Watchman"". His pursuers called him ""Target One"". This best-selling autobiography uncovers his meteoric rise to become ""the richest and most successful British criminal who has ever been caught"".It relates how the Liverpool Mafia became the UK's foremost drug importers; tells how Warren corrupted top-level police officers; unveils the inside story of the biggest joint law enforcement investigation ever undertaken; and reveals the explosive contents of the covert wiretaps that brought his global empire crashing down. COCKY is a shocking insight into modern organised crime and a vivid account of the workings of the international drugs trade."