An Introduction to Developmental Psychology 3e

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Psychologie / Psychologie
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* A representative and authoritative 'state of the art' account of human development from conception to adolescence. * Written at an easy-to-comprehend level by an international team of respected researchers, conveying their knowledge with enthusiasm and skill.   Praise for prior editions: "An Introduction to Developmental Psychology offers an excellent focus on research from infancy through adolescence, with chapters written by experts in the field. Slater and Bremner have done an outstanding job in editing this text to ensure that the content is thorough, engaging, comprehensive and up to date." —Dr Dawn Watling, Royal Holloway, University of London "This text sets out both what is enduring and what is new in the science of developmental psychology. It introduces fundamental theoretical issues as well as important applications in the classroom, the courtroom and the clinic. Students who read this text will get a clear sense of the range and excitement of the field." —Paul Harris, Victor S. Thomas Professor of Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education An Introduction to Developmental Psychology, Third Edition is a representative and authoritative "state of the art" account of human development from conception to adolescence. The text is organized chronologically and also thematically, is written by renowned experts in the field, and presents a truly international account of theories, findings and issues. The content is designed with a broad range of readers in mind, and in particular those wit