Art Therapy Treatment with Sex Trafficking Survivors

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Verschijningsdatum: November 2019
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This groundbreaking book introduces and researches art therapy as a creative and effective treatment for the sensitive and pertinent issue of human sex trafficking. Rich empirical examples and best practices are provided through the contributors' expertise and knowledge in the field of art therapy. Art therapy facilitates emotional catharsis, a personal sense of worth and empowerment through making choices; supports connection to others and the inner self; resolves trauma, grief, and shame; and provides hope for the future and recovery. This book explores art therapy interventions and outcomes through detailed case studies for sex trafficking survivors in the United States, India, and Nepal, and includes international recommendations for survivor treatment and recovery, as well as staff support programming. Professional helpers and learners from mental health, social services, medical care, and those who work with trafficking and sexual abuse survivors will benefit from this guide.