A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Cat

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Verschijningsdatum: Juni 2020
EAN: 9781452178387
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For cat lovers of an artistic purr-suasion, here is a smile-making celebration of their favourite artists.

From Frida Catlo to Yayoi Catsama, Vasily Catdinsky to Henri Catisse, gathered together are more than 20 influential artistic felines. Each portrait of the artist as a cat is accompanied by a clever biography revealing the thrilling feline lives (all nine) behind their famed artwork. Readers will discover the inspiration for Frida Catlo's renowned self-pawtraits, or learn about the cat-mosphere that gave rise to Georgia O'Kitty's landscapes.

Loaded with clever cat puns and presented in a handsome foil-stamped hardcover, this playful romp through art history will twist the whiskers of any cat-loving creative.