Design and Deploy Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop

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Design and build the new desktop service from Microsoft. This book offers a modern framework, design methodology, and best practices of design and deployment for virtual apps and desktops.Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is a Desktop as a Service (DaaS) which is simple to deploy, accessible from any device, easy to manage, and secure. The book starts with AVD essentials and its critical features, followed by the planning and method of preparing for AVD. You will go through defining the requirements and assessing by setting the AVD application baseline, network requirements, and security requirements. Next, you will learn how to design and deploy the core infrastructure of Microsoft AVD to understand its Access Layer, Control Layer, Resource Layer, Hosting Layer, and User Layer. You will also learn how to design the desktop and Host Pool of AVD. And you will learn the modern way to manage and secure AVD components. After reading this book, you will have the right blend of knowledge and skills to set up and run the Azure cloud-based virtual desktop and virtual applications. What You Will Learn Understand the key design and deployment essentials of AVD Plan, gather requirements, and assess for AVD Design and deploy Core Infrastructure of Microsoft AVD Integrate with profile and personalization management Monitor and secure Azure virtual desktops Who Is This Book For: AVD system administrators and AVD system architects