Craft beer brewing

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An innovative wind blows through the rich Belgian beer landscape, loosely inspired by the international craft beer revolution. A new bunch of brewers reconciles tradition with experiment in a varied, seemingly inexhaustible stream of tasty, original and challenging beers.

In Craft beer brewing, Jeroen Bert pays a visit to some of the most fascinating Belgian brewers of this moment:

  • Dok Brewing Company
  • Siphon Brewing
  • \'t Verzet
  • Brasserie du Borinage
  • Atrium
  • L\'Ermitage
  • Antidoot
  • Cabardouche

Additionally, in his kitchen Jeroen brews some of the most popular beer styles, such as saison, pale ale and stout, and guides you step by step through the brewing process. This book is a colourful report of a tasteful discovery, with recipes for the accessible brew in a bag method.