After us the deluge

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Taal: Engels
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Aantal Pagina's: 288
Afmetingen: 250x323x28
Verschijningsdatum: Januari 2021
EAN: 9789401473590


In After Us the Deluge, photographer Kadir van Lohuizen shows the impact on communities of rising sea levels. He travelled to Greenland, USA, Bangladesh, Indonesia, the Netherlands, Panama and the Pacific. There, he captured the havoc caused by global warming. The result is both a period piece and photo book, as disturbing as it is aesthetically impressive. The book is richly illustrated with maps and graphs. With journalistic and scientific contributions from: Henk Ovink Dorthe Dahl-Jensen Jeff Goodell Elliot Brown Amalinda Savirani Anote Tong Sharif Jamil Marjan Minnesma