Before they pass away

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A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS, BUT DOESN’T ALWAYS SAY EVERYTHING… Just after graduating as a photographer, Hannelore Vandenbussche travelled for three years – as an assistant to photographer Jimmy Nelson and cameraman Bram Vis – to the far reaches of the Earth to capture the world’s last indigenous tribes. The resulting photos were published in Jimmy Nelson’s international bestseller, Before They Pass Away, one of the most evocative books of this century. Before They Pass Away is unique because it gives an intimate visual account of the last people on our planet living in accordance with their tribal traditions; people who are slowly being transformed by modern life. The photos tell a beautiful story, but what was it like to take these photos, how was the photographer able to find these tribes and what did the crew have to endure while shooting these incredible images? Despite extreme temperatures, injuries and treacherous paths, the team was able to come into contact with a number of unknown cultures. In this book, Vandenbussche sheds light on the incredible stories of adventure, friendship, amazement, joy and sadness that lie behind the photos presented in Before They Pass Away. Not only did this journey of discovery have a positive impact on these tribes, it also changed Vandenbussche and her travel companions forever.