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Uitgeverij: Harper Collins UK
Uitvoering: Paperback
Taal: Engels
Staat van het boek: Licht beschadigd
Aantal Pagina's: 345
Afmetingen: 132x198x31
Verschijningsdatum: Februari 2021
EAN: 9780008334635


'DAZZLING' Marian Keyes
'WITTY' Guardian
'HEARTBREAKING' Dolly Alderton
'INCREDIBLE' Candice Carty-Williams

Jenny McLaine:
-can't afford her mortgage since her ex moved out
-is about to get dumped by her best friend
-spends all day online-stalking women with picture-perfect lives

And now her mother has appeared on her doorstep, unbidden, to save the day…
Is Jenny ready to grow up and rescue herself this time?