A Traveller's History of Greece

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Verschijningsdatum: Maart 2008
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This is a unique title that manages to cover the many facets of Greece and does not just concentrate on its Classical past. Anyone travelling to Greece for a holiday or to the Olympics in Athens in 2004 will find this invaluable. It covers in a clear manner the classical era, the conflict with Persia, the conquest by the Romans, the Byzantine age and the occupation by the Turks; the struggle for independence and the turbulence of the late twentieth century, right up the calmer waters of the twenty-first. This history will help visitors to make sense of modern Greece against the background of its diverse heritage. A Gazetteer, cross-referenced to the main text, highlights the importance of sites, towns and battlefields. A chronology details the significant dates and brief survey of the artistic styles of each period is given. 'This book provides an A-Z cultural gazetteer and an authoritative general history'. - "The Weekend Telegraph".